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A Highly-Ranked Accommodation in Split

Situated in the heart of the old town Split, Zephyrus is an aesthetically pleasing and one of the highly-ranked accommodation in Split Croatia. An Australian couple who had spent their lives travelling and staying in hotels world wide purchased it 18 years ago. Their desire was to build a hotel in Split Croatia, a place where you could have everything you needed while on vacation. From luxury bedding to selections of coffees and teas, fresh milk and cold water, and all the little things most people forget. Zephyrus was designed for guests to walk in, love it, and take away a memory. To this day, Zephyrus continues to provide the best hotel accommodation in Split. Zephyrus offers luxury as well as affordability in this beautiful and vibrant city.

The recently updated private courtyard garden offers a quiet, relaxing haven. Enjoy the peace after a long day of sightseeing or lazing on the beach. Relish a crisp, cold white wine or a delicate light red coffee or a cold beer late in the afternoon. Before heading out to dinner, spend the day in the garden. Lounge and relax or enjoy a cup of cappuccino while reading a book; the choice is yours.

Nestled in the vicinity of beautiful attractions, Zephyrus is one of the highly-ranked boutique hotel accommodation in Split Croatia. We provide accommodation that is high in comfort and undeniable charm.

Come and relish in the mesmerizing old-world beauty of Split with Zephyrus, the best 4 star boutique hotel!




Rooms & Apartments

Our tastefully decorated rooms and apartments create a warm, sophisticated environment for business or leisure. We take pride in offering our guests services that are not only professional but also wholly personable.



A rich heritage in the heart of Croatia

Split’s Days of Yore


The city of Split in Croatia was found in the 2nd century BC as a Greek colony of Aspalathos. Split became prominent in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD when the Romans built the Diocletian Palace.

In 650 AD, it succeeded as the ancient capital of the Roman province of Dalmatian, Solana. The Romans and Venetians ruled for many centuries until 1797. Croatia has a long and vital history lasting over 2000 years. Thereby making the old town in Split a central part of this history.

One of the highly-ranked accommodation in Split, Croatia

Zephyrus- A Hotel Steeped in History

In 2003, Michael and Valda from Australia visited Split and fell in love with the city’s charm and beauty. Before returning home, they purchased a five-story building in the old town of Varos.

Situated within walking distance of the palace, parts of Zephyrus date back to the 3rd century. Besides, the building boasts the first Roman kitchen built to feed the workers building Diocletian’s Palace. The other parts of the building date back to 900 AD.

While renovating this building, Michael and Valda wished to keep the spirit of Split alive and named the hotel Zephyrus. Zephyrus is a Greek word that means a gentle breeze from the west. Zephyrus reflects the heritage of Split and the new direction the building would take moving forward.

Subsequently, the interiors of the building were completely renovated in 2004 from the ground up. The original walls and exterior were kept intact to maintain the heritage of the building. Zephyrus offers contemporary and modern facilities expected with its 4-star rating, making it one of the best and highly-ranked accommodation in Split.

A Haven For Comfort & Luxury

Michael and Valda wanted to present a small piece of comfort and luxury in the heart of the old town. In the summer of 2005, Zephyrus was open for business. Our philosophy has always been to provide high-quality accommodation at a reasonable price with friendly and excellent service. Our goal is to provide travellers with a luxury stay at one of the highly-ranked 4-star accommodations in this region.

An integral part of Zephyrus is our fantastic host, Antonija. She is here to make sure your stay is enjoyable and a memorable experience of Split.

Visit and enjoy our wonderful facility plus the many beautiful experiences this vibrant city offers. As your hosts, we will ensure your stay is nothing short of a truly positive experience!





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